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Discover the Future of Grand American Touring

Dive into the new era with our reimagined legends. These bikes are for the bold, the explorers, and the tech-savvy riders looking to make a statement.

Exclusive Test Ride Challenge

We're not just offering test rides; we're inviting you to shape the future. Your feedback on these all-new models earns you a limited-edition challenge coin. It's your ride, your voice, and a piece of history.

Why Participate?

  • Be the first to experience groundbreaking design and performance.
  • Influence the next chapter of Harley-Davidson with your insights.
  • Collect a unique challenge coin as a memento of your ride.

Limited Availability

This is an ongoing opportunity, but the challenge coins are while supplies last. Secure your spot and make your mark on the Harley-Davidson legacy. Walk-ins welcome.


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